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“Thank you” doesn’t have adequate meaning, nonetheless we thank:

God, our Heavenly Father for allowing the gift of music on this earth and in our life• His Son, our savior, whose gospel we love and are privileged to share through this music • The Spirit that carries to our hearts the truth and peace of the messages in this project • A huge thank you to our spouses and families for their love, support, and patience • An extra Thank you to all the arrangers and singers • Andy Cummins • Bill Hare and his gracious family • Danny Ozment • Alton Leroy Anderson • Dave Zabriskie ( • Kyle Bowen • Erik Peterson • Jared Page • Brady Bluhm •

Ryan Williams • Tom Keyes •  René Ruiz • Gene Puerling.



Thank you to all SoundStage members past and present: Jammie Hampton, Kim Reed, Brittany Rae, Colleen Keene, Monica Babcock, Apryle Dalmacio, Kristin Morton, Christina Wilson, Holly Hierman, Bradley Hampton, Bryan Malolot, Mossi Watene, Andy Cummins, Kyle Bowen, Ryan Williams, Johnny Figueroa, Anthony Starble, Todd Honeycutt, Joseph Livesey, Brady Bluhm, Tom Keyes, Justin Olvey, and Josh Odom.



Thank YOU for your supportive hearts and eager ears.

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