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For the non-Christian music loving person:

This album is full of expert arranging from the vocal masters you might already love. An all-star cast of arrangers of groups like Take 6, The Swingle Singers, The Manhattan Transfer, The Real Group, New York Voices, Chanticleer, M-pact, The Dale Warland Singers, The Four Fresmen, PM Singers, and many more, are gathered together to showcase their stellar settings of timeless melodies.


You will hear various styles of music. Some traditional choir sounds, vocal jazz, R&B gospel, some latin and rock grooves and even some musical theater all wrapped up in the increasing favorite medium of acappella!


Yes, these are hymns about Jesus and His gospel, but hopefully this album provides a way for you to enjoy good music without feeling pressured to believe any certain way. It's a musical presentation of our beliefs shared with the utmost respect toward everyone. In this music we hope you will find some outward beauty and some inward peace.


For the Christ-loving person:

Your love for the Savior will be strengthened and deepen as you are reminded of Him through the messages of these hymns. You will love how the music compliments each message presented. We hope your conviction in the Gospel might be renewed and that you may strive to have a better walk.


We understand that, for some followers of Christ, listening to Mormon hymns might not be their first choice of things to do, but in doing so we hope they'll see how similar the Mormon love and beliefs of the Savior are with the rest of their Christian family. 


For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint person:

For the first time ever your favorite hymns have been placed in the hands of those that are not LDS! This is a huge deal as the church music you are used to has had the same feel and sound for decades. These interpretations take on a new flavor and will add to and expand the musical vocabulary within church music outside of worship meetings. 


Not only have your hymns been given to those outside your church but they are arranged by the hands of Grammy, Emmy, and Dove award-winners and nominees, Gospel hall-of-famers, and world-revered writers! Even without knowing it you've heard their work in concerts, at school, on CD, television, film, radio, commercials, theme-parks, and now in your LDS music library.


With arrangers so promiment in the vocal world, the audience for your hymns just grew exponentially. Your music is now exposed to those outside your immediate circle in a style that is a bit more familiar to them. What an outstanding way to share your beliefs of the Savior with others. Hopefully you will support this project with excitement and enthusiasm!

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