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So you think you know what hymns sound like? Well, wait until you hear SoundStage unite its voice with the writing of the award-winning vocal arrangers of Take 6, The Real Group, The Swingle Singers, Glad, New York Voices, Chanticleer, M-pact, and many other industry leading vocal ensembles.


These world-renowned arrangers offer their fresh take on hymns chosen from the hymnal used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/ Mormons). How many LDS hymns do you know? Better yet, how many LDS hymns have you even heard? I imagine that if you are not LDS and have never heard The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, that you've probably never heard one. Ever. This album will change that! Actually, there are a few hymns you may recognize that are common to many Christian churches, but there will definitely be a few that you've never heard before.


This acappella album has a mixture of sound. It combines elements of traditional choral singing, vocal jazz, contemporary acappella and musical theater. You will also find sweet messages of peace, hope, faith, forgiveness, atonement, gratitude, family, service, and creation. With music and message combined we are bound together in the Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel.


Thank you for taking time with us and for considering One Savior One Voice to be part of your collection! It is guaranteed that this is the most unique hymn project you've ever added to your library.


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