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Kyle has the ability to soak in information like a sponge. With this sponge-like quailty he joins his quest for knowledge and love of reading. This makes Kyle an intelligent man willing to learn whatever is needed to get the job done! This has also given him a keen sense of creative problem solving.


Kyle likes to express himself artistically through both picture and sound. He has a knack for photography. It is his photography seen on this website as you look at the shots of singers in the studio. He travels the United States as a photographer and videographer for Ragnar races. 


He worked as an audio engineer and assisted in video production for the creative online media company Muddy Yellow Sneakers. Kyle also worked for Jason Lanier, one of the world's leading wedding photographers.


Kyle's love for music started in High School where he played low brass instruments in band and where he became drum major for the marching band. At Mt. San Antonio College his passion turned to singing. He is a founding member of the men's acappella group Fermata Nowhere (2009 ICCA Champions) and he sang in the Chamber Singers under the direction of Bruce Rogers.


Around 2009 Kyle opened up his own recording studio. It has been there and at Kyle's hand and from his award-winning mouth, that most all of SoundStage's audio has been recorded. This includes the radio spots for Tim Conway Jr, and the theme song to the web series "Dead Grandma" (2012 LA Web Fest award winner for Outstanding Original Theme Song).


Kyle is a newly-wed and we congratulate him on his new family endeavors!

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