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Text and Music: CHARLES H. GABRIEL

Tune Name: GABRIEL

Arrangement: MARK KIBBLE

© 2014 Hamptones Music

First published in 1898 in a gospel-song collection, this is written by one of the master hymns writers. It is said that Charles H. Gabriel (1856-1932) has written upwards of 8000 gospel songs. Yet only this one written by him is found in the LDS hymnal. This is perhaps the most common hymn sung before the blessing of the bread and water in LDS worship services.


The Savior’s grace extends to all people at all times in their life. How easily we forget that, and how often we forget that it also applies to ourselves. There is nothing we can do to merit His grace, and because of this we express how “wonderful” His grace is; the greatest gift. For that we pledge our faith in Him. 

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