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Bradley loves vocal harmony. Most of his teenage years were spent transcribing the music of The Beach Boys,

The Hi-Lo’s, and Take 6. He would use his younger siblings as his experimental guinea pigs, teaching them those transcribed parts as well as practicing on them his own new creations.


Bradley has shared the stage with great vocal groups such as: Rockapella, The Nylons, The House Jacks, The Blenders, The Drifters, The Bobs, The Knudsen Bros., The Manhattan Transfer, and Jon Secada.


Bradley is the music director, a singer, and arranger for the internationally award-winning a cappella group SoundStage. Award-winning credits include having won the L.A. Harmony Sweepstakes twice! In 2008 SoundStage toured in Taiwan and wons second place in an international a cappella festival. Along with Cluster, Peter Hollens, NOTA, Rajaton, O-Kai Singers, and other talented vocal groups, SoundStage was featured on Emerald City Productions album Sing a Song: Children’s Songs from Around the World.


Bradley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education with an emphasis in Composition from California State University, San Bernardino.  He now teaches music theory classes and classes in songwriting and arranging within the commercial music program at CSUSB. He is also the director of Vocal Jazz. In 2012 his vocal jazz group opened for The Manhattan Transfer and for The Real Group in February 2014.


His arrangements are sung by numerous vocal groups including Voicemale on Hims II, and West Side 5 on their self-titled album (as well as Voices Only II). He arranged the theme song for the award-winning web series Dead Grandma hosted by Jon Header. You can hear his jingles played over the radio on The Tim Conway Jr. Show as well as his arrangements sung as promo for the hit a cappella movie Pitch Perfect.


When not composing or arranging, he plays the piano accompanying for various school and church choirs, chorales, soloists, and musical theatre productions.


Other interests include movies, puppets, fruit, trees, flowers, and birds. His friends now know to say “no” when Bradley needs help moving, because of the heavy lifting of dozens of boxes of books on birds from everywhere in the world. Birds also fill the Hampton home, as he enjoys breeding and raising them.


Bradley loves spending time with his wife, Jammie, and three daughters, Kayla, Coral, and Daphne.

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