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Arrangement: PAUL LANGFORD

© 1977 Intellectual Reserve, Inc

One of the most beautiful and graceful of the LDS hymns. The structure of this hymn speaks of our relationships with the roles of the Savior (verse 1), the Holy Spirit (verse 2), and God the Father (verse 3).


Edward L. Hart (1916 – 2008), said that the hymn grew from the comparison of the Savior’s love to the light of the sun. “The simile goes back to seeing people in a fabric or clothing store take material outside and into the sunlight to test its color in the only true test or ‘perfect’ source of light,” he said. “In the same way, the only true test of love is the source, our Savior’s love.”


The hymn was first published in July 1977 and certainly stands out as having the most contemporary harmony. Its composer, Crawford Gates (b. 1921), said, “It was a text to which I could extend my full conviction for its message. For me, the simple melody does not seem to tire easily. I feel so blessed to be the channel by which it has come to be part of the sacred hymnody of the Lord’s Kingdom.” 

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