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What makes this project unique?


Here are a few aspects of this project that make this project unlike any other hymn project.


- This is the first time that writers that are not members of the LDS church are arranging LDS music.


- All of the invited arrangers in this project are world-renowned award-winning writers. Never has such a body of diverse high-quality talent been gathered together for a hymn project.


- This is one of only 2 or 3 projects in the acappella world with new comissioned works made especially for the album (Two other projects worth checking out: M-pact's The Carol Commision, and Emerald City Production's Sing a Song: Children’s Songs from Around the World)


- The talent people involved in this album represent a collaboration of faiths and religious thought. Some of them are: Adventist, Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Non-demoninational Christian, Latter-day Saint, Methodist, Unitarian, and some non-religious people too!  




What is the purpose of this project?


The purpose of this project is to bring peace, comfort and increased testimony of the Savior through sacred music and expose beautiful hymns found in the LDS hymnal to everyone. With all the distress, calamity, economic woe, helplessness, terror, hurt, and hate that seems to overshadow our world it seemed like a perfect time for something like this. It’s fresh. It’s full of talent. It’s uplifting. It’s needed to remind us that God is in control and that He has not forgotten you.


For the non-Christian music loving person:


For the Christ-loving person:


For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint person:




Do these arrangements change the spirit/message of the hymn?


Not in the least! While these arrangements may not be heard in your local Sacrament Meeting (LDS worship service), they will not take away from the message, jubilance or reverence that the hymn portrays.





Who are the featured singers on the album?


A very talented bunch of singers can be heard on this album.


The name of the group is: SoundStage.


SoundStage has gone through various incarnations of high quality singers.

The SoundStage line up for this album is listed below. Click on a name and check out their impressive bio’s: 


Jammie Hampton

Rachel Pfeifer Green

Bradley Hampton

Bryan Malolot

Kyle Bowen

Andrew Cummins

Johnny Figueroa


For a bio and more information on SoundStage go here.


This doesn't sound like a vocal jazz album! What's up with that?


You are right! While most of the arrangers involved in this collaboration are prominent vocal jazz arrangers, this album only uses elements of the vocal jazz "sound". You will also hear other musical generes like: pop, r&b, musical theater, and traditional choir through-out the album. This is however, ultimately, a hymn album and not a vocal jazz project.



Will you perform this album in a live concert setting? 


This is being discussed. We hope to have several if not many performances for audiences to enjoy live. When ready these performance details will be posted on this website as well as our other social media outlets.




Do you plan to keep this project going in the future?


Yes! There are so many more fantastic arrangers in the vocal world. There are also many more wonderful hymns to share. As you can imagine there is a high cost in producing this type of project, our hope is that with the success of this album we can continue with more arrangers and hymns in this style. Even if its only on a hymn by hymn basis released as singles.


If you so feel inclined please use the donate button to the right

to help support this project and its future. Thank you!




I like this project and would like to be involved in it, how can I do that?


We are so pleased that you like this project! Please feel free to contact us through any of the information provided on our contact us page. We are happy to listen to your ideas, offer helpful suggestions, or just make good friends.


There is a donate button in the question above. If you'd like, please donate to help support this project and its future. Thank you!



Did you know the prices in your store are higher than other online stores? 


Yes, we did! Thank you for noticing. Should you choose to purchase through our site you will be directly supporting this project. At this point all financial support goes directly to those who have paid for the production of this magnificent project and we can't thank you enough for your help! 




Can I pick up a CD and save on the shipping cost?


Yes, absolutely! CDs, at this time, are in Southern California. If you are near by and want to pick up the physical album send us a message and let's set up a time to meet.


Where else, besides this website, can I download the digital tracks?


Digital downloads are (or will soon be) available at all your favorite downloading sites. Below is a list of online stores and streaming sites: 


CD Baby

Apple iTunes






Amazon MP3

Xbox Music





Google Music Store


Muve Music

Slacker Radio


JB Hi-Fi

Samsung Music Hub

Beyond Oblivion






Mondia Media



I have a question, problem, suggestion, kudos who can I tell/ask?


Tell/ask us! PLEASE! go to our contact us page and let us have it!




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